Nik Lanús

About Me

My name is Nicolás Lanús. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I’m currently living in Amsterdam and working as a UX Designer for

In the past, I’ve worked both at digital agencies and as an independent freelancer.

My Skills

Visual Design
& Animation
On the digital world, there is a fine line between minimalistic and unusable.

And also the other way around: complex and ugly. There is a balance to keep between features and great design... plus every project has different needs. In any way, I like crafting beautiful interfaces that will actually work, and are not just eye-candy.

I specialize in designing interfaces for the web/mobile and creating pixel-perfect markup from them, but I also have working knowledge about the other steps of the product creation process (UX, animation, web development) and that has always been very helpful when collaborating with the rest of the team.

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